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Today certified translations are integral parts of social life in the process of economic integration: when you want to study abroad, travel business, work, travel, entertainment, reference materials or settlements, to do business with foreigners carries identification such as ID card, passport, residence, birth certificates, qualifications, transcripts, marriage certificate or complete legal papers 1 reason for business

. Depending on the country to which you want to translate into several languages ​​including English, French American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese .... And many other common languages


Indeed notarized translation is the process by which documents are translated from the original documents must be signed by the translator and certified the signature in-room registration judicial and judicial departments shall be certified accurate translations original and important to have the signature of the justice room, where authorized.

Along with that, there are many translation companies launched to meet the needs of customers, PTI is one of the reputable translation companies at home and abroad

As a provider of translation services best, with a team of leading experts in the country translation, with the dedicated work and devotion, professionalism and experience, we provide the high-quality translations for most domestic and foreign clients, with professionalism and passion for, we always received enthusiastic support of our customers over the years

PTI specializes in professional translation provider translations such as business documents, accounting documents specialized, technical documentation and user manuals, specialized material economic, medical, legal legal, cultural, social, information technology, building structures, political information, the economic contract documents, passports, identity cards, legal documents, student records, study materials, education, insurance, entertainment media ......................... generally all of the words, terms from difficult to easy, from professional to amateur

And our translations can be any language which, from the popular languages ​​such as English, French, American, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan .. for me the less commonly used languages such as Arabic, Poland, Finland, Thailand, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latin, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Myanmar ma, Denmark, India, Laos, Cambodia, Khmer, Indonesian, Malaysian, Persian, Mexico, the Philippines, Brunei, Iran, the Netherlands ...

Also certified translations, we also provide services such as interpreters, captioning service, documentation exit visa service records ................. .....

We are proud to be the leading translation because he was cooperating with the collaborators are economists, lawyers, architects, engineers doctors, engineers, cultural workers who have the qualifications can knowledgeable professional deepest ..................... ..

With expert knowledge, love craft, we pray as a bridge between you and your friends across 5 continents.

With translations of customers will have the translator's signature, certified by the judicial departments, undertaking to ensure the content is accurate translation with the original signature mark and is certified by the Judicial district level, or equivalent, to the date of writing and authenticated.

With the experience, professionalism and enthusiasm, we look forward to breaking down barriers of culture and language among all individuals of Vietnamese organizations, you will no longer worry and think to integrate with the community and international friends.



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